Recognitions for research at the Animal Biology Department of the UMA

Awards “Málaga de Investigación 2018”, and of Ecography for Excelence in Ecology and Evolution (“The E4 Award”), for the study of biogeography of zoonotic diseases in the University of Malaga.

On Tuesday 23 October 2018, the works awarded with the “Premios Málaga de Investigación 2018” by the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Telmo, the Academia Malagueña de Ciencias, and the Fundación Málaga were made public. One of the awards in the Sciences category has gone to members of the Biogeography, Diversity and Conservation Group of the University of Malaga, for their work entitled “Favourable areas for the presence of the Ebola virus in the wild: To what degree transmission to humans is influenced by forest loss”. Results and conclusions of that work were published in 2017 by the scientific journals Mammal Review and Scientific Reports. Both journals had already congratulated the authors for the impact of these papers among their readers. The article “Mammalian biogeography and the Ebola virus in Africa”, in Mammal Review, was one of the journal’s top 20 most downloaded papers (1.368 downloads) within the first 12 months of online publication; whereas the article “Recent loss of closed forests is associated with Ebola virus disease outbreaks”, in Scientific Reports, was one of the top 100 read papers (1.671 visits), among the more than 24.000 papers published by the journal in 2017.

Also during this year, a member of the Biogeography, Diversity and Conservation Group has received international recognition for his role in the study of biogeography of infectious diseases, through the Ecography award for Excellence in Ecology and Evolution (“The E4 Award”). This prize was linked to the publication of an article that introduces the “pathogeography” as a discipline for the study of infectious diseases for global health management.


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